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High Society take out~

High Society take out~

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Forget Occupy Wall Street, Jeremy Lin now owns New York City! :)

I’m closing up shop, buying a bus and dedicating myself to the “Linsanity”. Get on board now, seats are filling up fast!

One game is a fluke. Two games a coincidence. Three games a trend. Four games, a career high, against the Lakers in prime time, on national television, your two best players out, under intense scrutiny, your game fully scouted…is destiny! :) And out playing Kobe? Just ridiculous!

For those of you just coming out of a coma, glad your feeling better and here’s what you missed last night. 38 PTS; 4 REB; 7 AST; .565 FG% ; 38 MIN.

Some links:

All the highlights:
The move of the night. This is when you knew it was on. Hey, Derek Fischer I have your shorts. They were left in lost and found.
I think Kobe knows who Jeremy is now:

If your still reading this, let me digress and give you my personal perspective on the “Linsanity.” First a brief introduction.

Hi my name is Henry. I’m Asian and I play basketball. I am one of a countless number of Asians who have played pick-up basketball since childhood. And since childhood, I have faced the same maddening stereotypes. If white men can’t jump, asian kids can’t open their eyes to even see the basket.

But, having grown up in Indiana, a die hard Hoosier fan and proud alum of 5 National Basketball Championships, basketball is in my blood. I LOVE the game, as a player and spectator. More importantly, I like to think of myself as a student of the game.

So, let’s talk about Jeremy Lin.

I’ll start with this quote from Kobe last night. “Players don’t usually come out of nowhere. If you can go back and take a look, his skill level was probably there from the beginning, but no one ever noticed.” Hmmm, I wonder if his being Asian had anything to do with that? If his deferring to the team instead of himself had anything to do with that. If his going to Harvard had anything to do with that? If the NBA full of over priced, stat seeking, ball hogs had anything to do with that.

I know because I have faced the same endless oversights when I play. And trust me, try playing pick-up ball on the streets of NYC. It can be far more brutal. At least with the NBA you have a “the Man” to keep order. On the streets, it’s survival of the fittest. And while my black brothers and sisters have every right to complain about racism in the US, the most racist people on the basketball court, are black. My white brethren ballers know what I am talking about.

Because of that, I have followed, with great interest and pride, ANY Asian that plays basketball at the elite level of Division 1 college or the NBA. All hail Yao Ming our savior! But, Yao is a 7+ foot freak of nature. And it was only due to his size that he was able to prove everyone wrong. Charles Barkley, I love you, but watching you kiss a donkey’s ass was priceless:

So, I have known about Jeremy since his days at Harvard. I’ve watched a handful of his games before the “Linsanity” took over. Yes, Kobe is right, the skills have always been there (full disclosure, I didn’t quite appreciate the level of skill he’s got). But that’s also a testament to Mike D’Antonio the coach of the Knicks. His system is perfect for Jeremy. It depends upon a point guard with great vision, passing skills, and the ability to drop an open jumper. Remember Steve Nash? Who would have thought he could be an NBA MVP before D’Antonio came into his life.

Here’s a quote from Jeremey himself about why he’s been so successful. “I think it’s a combination of the system, being able to fit into the system, being comfortable, building confidence and playing on a team that is so unselfish.”

And voila, I predict Jeremy will be the next Steve Nash. He’s already much quicker and is not the defensive liability. After all he is a ROOKIE! Bring back Amare and Melo. Give him a few years to develop under D’Antonio. Improve his 3 point shooting. Build confidence. And you have an the NBA’s first ever Asian MVP! All respect to my hero Obama, but an Asian NBA MVP? I might take that over the Presidency! :)

And let me leave with this, Jeremy’s comment about “building confidence.” As every baller knows, your ability to excel on the court is all about your confidence. Everyone one of us that plays lots of basketball lives to experience those moments when we are “in the zone.” A place where we experience supreme confidence in our abilities. We just believe our skills are as good or better than anyone else on the court. Jeremy has been in the zone for that past four games. Only a unique set of circumstance allowed that to happen and the world is just now waking up to it.

But why does it take injuries to star players, a team in death spiral, with no options left but to give the Asian kid a shot? He got lucky. He was days from being cut. Being a footnote to a footnote. And what would have happened if Jeremy hadn’t been overlooked because he was Asian all along? Talk about confidence!

Ahhh, but that’s what fairy tales and Disney movies are all about. Watch out world, the “Linsanity” has only begun. And watch out for every other Asian kid on the court. Jeremy has blazed a trail. The “Black Swan” has appeared. I can already see the scouts visiting Asian cram schools looking for the “next Jeremy Lin.”


And to my fellow Saturday morning ballers…I’m in like Lin!

Written by H. Kang

I Love Jeremy Lin!!!

I Love Jeremy Lin!!!

ILOVEJeremy Lin - Knicks vs Utah Jazz 28 points - FULL COMPLETE HIGHLIGHTS [Taiwanese Pride]

Polka dot socks n NewBs couple

Polka dot socks n NewBs couple

New year’s day~ what a view… Happy dragons; I thought Kim Jong Il passed away— but no he just ran away to South Korea!

New year’s day~ what a view… Happy dragons; I thought Kim Jong Il passed away— but no he just ran away to South Korea!

Totally geeking out~

Totally geeking out~

Awesome… Korean Ceasar!

A place to collect all the magical things a yellow chick encounters on the planet earth!

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