Do Inanimate Objects Have a Life?

I took a college course on magic and one of the books we read was The Nature of Things: The Secret Life of Inanimate Object by Lyall Watson. The book is about how we can imprint ourselves onto an object and give them life. A connection is made and if I remember correctly a lost engagement ring can be found again on a random beach and that is all I remember. I am thinking about this book as I am faced with a move. I am moving into my fiance’s one bedroom apartment. I live in a one bedroom too and I have all these things. 

NYC life as a low to middle income couple we face the reality of apartment size we can afford without moving literally to another state, meaning within one subway transfer and without 80% of income going to rent. The biggest question is who’s furniture is worth keeping? Newer the better? Does it even have value? Or what about all the memories it holds?

I am faced with a small apartment filled with objects from my past: furniture my parent’s immigrated with, dishes, cups, mugs, pictures and art, then all the books. This maybe my 67th move in my 39th year of life. The number is not exact but I have lived in many states and in many home, apartments and shared other people’s homes. One day I will sit and think about all the places I lived I do know by the 6th grade my family has moved 14 times I know that is truth. Moving is part of my life, a gypsy is how my cousin described me once and I loved the sound of it. 

A part of me wants to sell everything and then a part of me want to just pack everything up and put it into storage and deal with it later. The reality is I been staying at my fiance’s place everyday for the past year and living with what I have. When I return to my place where I used to go everyday to four times a week to now once a week. It is a 30 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride from where he lives. I go through the mail, dust and vacuum and then paint in the studio portion of my apartment. All the essentials are there to shower, change of clothing, shoes all the important documents a whole other life of a bachlorette. 

I been living in two different worlds for the past year and its time to consolidate. It is exciting but there is also a feeling of finality to this move that weighs on me. I feel i stare at the unknown abyss of adulthood I feel decisions have to be made that I can not rewind from and start again. 

My life partner, my best friend the journey he and I took is a long one though some may say we are so young. A saga from the years of high school through college, the 20’s and now the 30’s and we are just licking the shores of our 40’s together AGAIN. Now we are holding hands not like before there were times I thought I would die without him and he the same.

Patti Smith wrote a beautiful book Just Kids of her memoirs with Robert Mapplethorpe and how their love was their art and their lives. This book is full of NYC history not just the histrionics of the times but also what was happening in NYC where art, music, performance was raw. Johnny and I were not alive then but we grew up in NYC in the 90’s where it was the last decade before social media and cellphones, it was when Y2K was going to end it all. There was a feeling of abandonment of the future and the freedom to be on ecstasy, literally.

Anyway that will be another essay.

Does furniture have a life pulse? What can I do with it all? Some I will incorporate in my fiance’s place and some with be posted on Some may go to the curb and other things will go to other people’s home. 

I still have time and I want to take my time to feel this transition this time it sacred. Then again is it? Can I bring back some frivolity? Maybe I should do a Madame trip or its called Molly now this whole packing, organizing, moving is all good. Positive thinking is a real force, I can do it.

The World stops for FIFA but not for campus rapes and immigrants dying at US borders

Friends are down at various bars supporting Germany or Argentina and a moment came over me to biked down and cheer; but I just read the New York Times article and between the sheets of anger and exhaustion I felt paralyzed. I guess someone out there is battling for a trophy, prosecuting the wrong doer, praying for rain, fighting for rights, land, food, jobs, against or for fracking. The new water ways in the North Pole due to global warming there is a battle who owns them, hah! If you are 17 years of age its what to wear, learning lyrics to a song, the SAT’s, pregnancy; a 5 year old is thinking about another cookie and wondering why its taking so long? A baby is fighting for clean diapers, diaper rash, sleep— its endless.

The awesomeness of everyone’s individual fates and wars knocked the air out of me. Why do I have to even think about it ALL or the bigger question is WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT?

The above link is to an article by Walt Bogdanich who wrote about Anna, a freshman who was gang raped by the school’s football players at Hobart and William Smith College. Its seems to be a continuation of another article in May about a Columbia University student’s horrible experience of the administration’s unaggressive approach to her rape case There is a federal case against big named and small universities (Harvard, Florida State just to name a few) and their arcane and their farce of an investigation that fares badly for the victim: women and at 19 still a child in my eyes. I wonder are there cases where a school successfully prosecute the rapist? All Google seems to show are links to how schools are failing and how local police too fail to protect or properly investigate. This is when I wish Sherlock Holmes was real. He would know, he would vie out the TRUTH.

There was an article about a small Indian village where inhabitants took justice into their own hands and a 13 year old girl was raped because her brother fondled the Chief’s wife in the middle of the night.

As you can see what a small world just one newspaper today. This article was more disturbing how is it that the sister of the sexual predator is at fault? 

All around the world a female person is used, hurt to ameliorate some thing, someone. How we easily sacrifice 50% of the world. Even in this most free country, USA, women are fighting for their rights to their health. How is it that the supreme court sided with Hobby Lobby? How can a company have a right to say how a person can use their health insurance or even know what one is doing with their health insurance? I wonder what Hobby Lobby’s take on Viagra, penis enlarger, masturbation?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are needed in all my thoughts today.

No goals yet by either country by the way and second half started.

The World Cup when did it enter into my psyche? I was 19 and a neighbor who must of been 28-45 was interested in my lovely roommate and his attempt of winning her heart was lecturing us, two potheads, on how awesome the World Cup is: its more about world politics than a round ball. I thought the Olympics were that but he said no “FIFA World Cup is far more interesting.” I remember he was average height and had a curly head of hair that would of looked better if cut short.

Enough ranting for today…

A small business owner takes the law into her own hands

My sister owns a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in NYC. Through the 5 years of owning a petit trendy women’s clothing store the biggest heartache and on going battle when the weather is warming up is the shoplifting and the people who do it. As a small business owner there is not much one can do and the attitude of the police answering these 911 calls act like it is a chore one doesn’t want to do but comply.

The law is if its under $100 its a slap on the wrist and for repeat offenders a year in prison but once the thief is out of jail they return to their old habits. Its a cycle and for small business owners there seems to be no solution. With each new season there is a new string of thefts and shoplifters enter and leave.

This spring there was a repeat offender who would come in regularly and pillage the store then come back every three days, week sometimes wearing the items of stolen goods from the other day. The staff would confront the shoplifter and she would continue to take jewelry, tops, bottoms while saying statements like “what are you going do?” “Is it because of the color of my skin?” “I am not doing anything.” From the beginning of opening the store my sister put in surveillance cameras and when it captures someone stealing, the footage can be used as evidence. She has actually downloaded some of the mpegs of this one particular thief onto her iphone.

One beautiful afternoon day the shoplifter returned and the hired staff called 911 and my sister. She was a few blocks away from the store and heard the shoplifter was leaving. Angry and frustrated by the unwelcome visitor who continued to commit larceny she decided to non other, chase after the offender. While on hot pursuit she was on the phone with 911 and had the suspect in view. As my sister was about to make contact with the shoplifter the police interfered. With the most disagreeable innocent face the perpetrator smiled and denied any accusation. My sister-in-law had the footage on her phone and played it all back to the officers and then the police asked to go through the woman’s bags.

This time there was no items from my sister’s store but many items from the non paying shopping spree from other stores in the neighborhood. On the streets of Brooklyn a small battalion of police officers, police cars and a firetruck started to assemble. One police officer was introducing my sister by name and the store to every new comer. The adrenaline was pumping through my sister’s veins as she watched another officer handcuff the shoplifter who was yelling, cursing and threatening the shop owner. The another officer made sure everyone knew who my sister was and which store, do you think the thief will have trouble remembering who put her in this predicament?

This sunny day the police in their joviality of catching a small time crook in show of hipsters, tourists and pure bred dogs had to remember their training and diffuse a crazy woman when suddenly the innocent faced shoplifter turned into a banshee who grabbed the gun off the officer’s belt while being handcuffed! Chaos and fear rippled throughout the crowd and the officers were able to take possession of the gun and prevented a shooting.

Now seeing the full tilt craziness, my sister realized, what the hell was she thinking by chasing after this person! Shoplifters are not just taking goods but they could be unstable humans who have no fear and is unconscientious to consequences. So everyone heads down to the police station and the woman in handcuffs is not happy and she let everyone know by the yelling and screaming. Some were of threats and “I am going to KILL YOU. I am coming for you” to my hard working sister. Things finally quieted after a police woman came out and said “OK I will take care of this.” She went into the holding cell and yelled even louder than the prosecuted and a hush came over the whole precinct.

Paperwork was filled out and will we know what happens to this shoplifter? It doesn’t matter because now there is a nanny who comes into the store with a stroller and a dog. And that is whole other story that is quite shocking. However we will end the yarn here.

The Sandman forgot about me

There are many nights Sandman forgets me. Usually I blame it on a late meal or anxiety until I realize the Sandman forget me. Is he a mythical god? Who is the Sandman?

A Northern European explanation for why we rise with gritty eye funk. This spirit makes sure we dream.

So I try to remember if I awoke with eyes sandy and could not remember even if I brushed my teeth. Which of course I did! Furry teeth is not a way to be roaming around. And I realized this would be a wonderful tittle for a painting.

Bergdorf windows

Bergdorf windows

Vintage prada? So sexy

Vintage prada? So sexy

snow globes!!

snow globes!!

loving the Saks Christmas windows!!

loving the Saks Christmas windows!!

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